Saturday, May 16, 2015

Maybe Not the End of the World as We Know It

My wife and son were on their way home from a school outing to Hershey Park. So I had an evening to myself and OD'd on Big Bang Theory on TiVo. My favorite part is reading Chuck Lorre's vanity cards at the end. He is my hero -- the guy I thought I would be someday when my geek self and my creative self made babies that ended up in film or on TV. 

So his vanity cards at the end of every show are little missives to me and the other wannabe geeks who are at least content to appreciate what he's done. 

I've been waiting for his 500th card, imagining that it would be something special. I think it ended up on Mom - a show I don't watch. So I looked it up on his website. Sure enough, it was cool. But it ended up with some matrix math I didn't get. So I Googled it. Bam! Someone on Reddit broke it down. It solved to 500 for his 500th card. 

I love Google. I love Big Bang Theory. And my family just came home. I love them too. Some days, I think the world just might make it after all.

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