Sunday, May 29, 2011

RobotBoy2001 Creates New Series - Zibit Wipeout!

My ten-year-old son, known on the Internet as RobotBoy2001, has been working diligently on a video project he calls "Zibit Wipeout!" - it combines two of his favorite things: Zibits (a small, radio-controlled robot toy) and the TV show Wipeout.

Dad helped out a little, but I need to emphasize that I didn't spend much time on this one - it was T's project from the start and he did nearly all the designing and editing. Mom and Dad occasionally helped out by working on the obstacle courses and holding the camera when he was the talent (along with his neighbor friend, Andyman2001), but otherwise it was his project from beginning to end. Today, T and I worked on the boring task of rendering the final video and posting it to YouTube. Because of YouTube's length restrictions, we had to cut the 30-minute video into smaller chunks. But they can all be seen on the playlist below.

Hope you enjoy the show! Let T know what you think by posting a comment on YouTube or on his blog,

Click Here to see all five parts of Episode 1 of Zibit Wipeout!